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“Wundurlist has actually enabled us to manage our money better as it makes sure we do not buy the same thing twice.” Splitwise keeps tracks of who is paying the bills and who owes each other what which can be handy especially if the couple is not married or living together Declan , 30, who has used the app in his relationship says.

“In modern relationships, finances can be confusing – and a source of resentment: £100 here for the monthly Sky subscription, £50 there for a Sunday evening meal out – it all adds up.

After travelling Australia together earlier this year, Hannah, 24, and Ben, 26, found that the best app to share all the memories they captured was Photo Circle.

Now living in London together, they use the app to share photos with family too.

Sex toy maker Oh Mi Bod just announced that the company is looking to open up its relationship… Best known for its digitally connected vibrators, Oh Mi Bod will release an open SDK to accompany its latest line of devices this spring.

The company notes that some creative apps could tie the company’s line of sex toys into hookup apps like Tinder and Grindr, making for some far more interactive new ways to swipe right or #masc4masc.

Oh Mi Bod founder Suki Dunham lays it out for us: “Imagine you’re on a dating app and chatting with a potential partner — and they are “OMB enabled” (e.g.

pink dot on the screen that signifies a user is in an “active” state much like Facebook Messenger.We are in an age where technology seeps into every aspect of our lives.We communicate with friends and family through Whatsapp and Facebook, sort out our finances on personal banking apps, largely carry out our jobs via email and other online arenas, and singles use dating apps as a platform for prospective partners.Meet the couples who are using apps in their relationships.Matt, 24 and Kelly, 23, use the calendar app Time Tree to coordinate their schedule.Both in demanding, full-time jobs in London the app means they both know what each other are up to and have a quick reminder of their upcoming joint plans at the click of a button, without having to clog up each other’s work calendar.“When work takes up most of your time, it is so easy to become double booked and not remember agreeing to things, especially things planned weeks or months in advance,” Matt says.It allows for virtual intimate experiences without leaving the privacy of your own home.This concept reshapes the entire idea of virtual or digital foreplay.” We’re inclined to agree that, yeah, if there’s any developer interest, that could be pretty interesting.Purchases, large and small, can be logged by the person paying, which offsets against anything owed to the other person.“While it is probably more damaging to your relationships to add too much small stuff – for the bigger purchases it’s a great way to divide up responsibility,” he says.

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    Sep 9, 2011. a href=" Ogawa/a Apple is notoriously vigilant about keeping sexed-up apps out of the App Store. No porn. No nudity. Nothing overtly sexual at all. But that hasn't kept some developers from testing Apple's limits. A lot of apps have been able to get through the Apple censors.…