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But then a sixth man named William Molski also piped up with a snap of his blued-eyed, ginger-bearded face.Although none of the others are quiet as good a match, this is obviously a common look for men worldwide.

After enrolling in stage-school Millie was spotted and urged to move to Los Angeles to try for Hollywood roles.The image went viral and has now been uploaded to Twin Strangers.SHE PLAYS Eleven, a girl with psychokinetic powers in the blockbusting Netflix series Stranger Things.Delighted at finding each other, the cheery duo took a grinning selfie, which was posted on social media by Lee Beattie – a friend of Neil's wife.She tweeted: "Guy on right is the husband of my friend.Neil Douglas was shocked when he sat down next to his double on a flight from Stansted to Galway The ginger-bearded bloke and his twin stranger – a mystery Londoner – noticed their uncanny likeliness immediately.The pair quickly became an internet sensation a third doppelganger for the fuzzy-faced strangers even turned up.To make matters even more freaky, the lookalikes then found a third man who resembles them on the plane. The 32-year-old from Glasgow and his mystery carbon copy then bumped into each other again when they both checked into the Jury's Inn Hotel in Galway.The picture on the plane shows the two complete strangers with stunning similarities.The 26-year-old TV presenter, from Dublin, teamed up with two male friends on a project they dubbed Twin Strangers to see who could find their closest doppelgänger within 28 days.They were soon inundated with submissions from all over the world and Niamh found her match in Karen Branigan , 29, a fellow Ireland native who lives just an hour down the road.

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