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In the interview in his parliamentary office, Soelistio, 63, repeatedly emphasized that his party would prefer to stay out of regulating citizens' private lives.

The proposed shake up - which also takes aim at condom use and adultery - is winning unprecedented support ahead of 2019 presidential elections, after earlier attempts to shake up Indonesia's Dutch-colonial era laws fizzled.

Parliament is drawing up the new code with all the major political parties reportedly on board and the draft is expected to be tabled in the coming months.

But the new law "does not mean that many people would be arrested.

It's just like when the law on corruption was passed, not everybody was arrested for corruption".

The UN human rights chief blasted Indonesia's proposed laws and raised them in talks with President Joko Widodo this week."The hateful rhetoric against this (LGBT) community that is being cultivated seemingly for cynical political purposes will only deepen their suffering and create unnecessary divisions," UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein told reporters."Any discriminatory provisions (in the new law) need to be removed," he added.

The code's latest draft carries a five-year jail term for extramarital sex or adultery, fuelling concerns that same-sex couples, who cannot marry in Indonesia, could be caught up in the dragnet.

Now we have little reason to feel optimistic."On a visit to Jakarta this week, U. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein came to a similar conclusion. The extremist views playing out in the political arena are deeply worrying, accompanied as they are by rising levels of incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence in various parts of the country."Zeid urged Indonesians to consolidate their democracy by moving "forward - not backward - on human rights." He added: "Because these proposed amendments will in effect criminalize large sections of the poor and marginalized, they are inherently discriminatory.

"I am greatly concerned about the discussions around revisions to the penal code," the former Jordanian diplomat said at a news conference. LGBTI Indonesians already face increasing stigma, threats and intimidation.

It also carries penalties for "showing or offering contraception tools without authorisation" and calls for stiffer blasphemy sentences.

Supporters of the changes include the Family Love Alliance, a lobby group which made a failed attempt to get the constitutional court to outlaw extramarital and same-sex relations."Gay sex is deplorable," Alliance leader Rita Soebagio told AFP.

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