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But if you put your brain on hold and get involved with their body, you can stumble out of that glorious, lust-infused haze, rub your eyes and find you’ve made all sorts of promises and commitments to someone who wasn’t worth getting intimate with in the first place.Reading this on your phone and the horse has already bolted?

Other areas received far less: a little over an inch was reported in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, which usually is hit harder than downtown Philadelphia.

The expectation was for another weather system moving out of Virginia to follow the same path as Sunday's storm overnight.

It was almost as bad in Pittsburgh, where the snow intensified after the opening kickoff.

Rare event: Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz walks the sidelines during the first half in Sunday's game against the Eagles.

I love him desperately though and really want it to work. The trick to long-term lust is to turn yourself on, rather than expect your partner to do it for you.

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You have a healthy libido, tap into it and build it by reading some erotic books (God knows there are enough of them out there now, thanks to the Fifty Shades effect! Use them to create a little ‘library’ of fantasies that turn you on, then replay them in your head while you’re with your partner. If you close your eyes and fantasise as he’s doing the things you like, sex can be satisfying.

Ideally, we’d all date each other (minus sex) until both are reasonably sure you’re compatible, want the same thing out of the relationship and, most importantly, think you might make each other happy. It’s how people end up emotionally involved with people they later find out are bad for them - the ‘I don’t like him but I’m in love with him’ feeling.

No one falls in love with a nasty piece of work when they’re thinking straight.

About 400 departures from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport were canceled Sunday.

It will likely be a couple of days before the ice that's coated the region melts completely. senator, Cory Booker, tweeted a promise to a Mount Holly resident to help him shovel out his car if he still needed the help in the morning.

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