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Sandra bullock and bill pullman dating

While You Were Sleeping is a 1995 romantic comedy film directed by Jon Turteltaub and written by Daniel G. It stars Sandra Bullock as Lucy, a Chicago Transit Authority token collector, and Bill Pullman as Jack, the brother of a man whose life she saves, along with Peter Gallagher as Peter, the man who is saved, Peter Boyle and Glynis Johns as members of Peter's family, and Jack Warden as longtime family friend and neighbor.

Lucy Eleanor Moderatz (Sandra Bullock) is a lonely fare token collector for the Chicago Transit Authority.

Gallagher is in a coma and (due to a well-intentioned nurse) Bullock is introduced to the family of Gallagher as his fiancé.

She tries to tell them the truth, but when she learns his grandmother (Glynis Johns) has a heart problem she hesitates.

Three days after his Gravity co-star Sandra Bullock - who he's been friends with for 25 years - revealed she doesn't want to get busy with the A-lister, he jabbed her back...

with a bit of humor, of course.'She may say that she's not all that attracted to me, but she calls every night, three in the morning, drunk, "Hey, George, what are you doing?

On the day of the wedding, just as the priest begins the ceremony, Lucy finally confesses everything and tells the family she loves Jack rather than Peter.

At this point, Peter's real fiancée Ashley Bartlett Bacon (Ally Walker), who happens to be married herself, arrives and also demands the wedding be stopped.

She has no family, and is usually stuck doing holiday shifts in the Chicago transit system (as a toll booth clerk on the elevated railway).

She has noted one man who uses the station all the time (Peter Gallagher), and rescues him when he is thrown onto the train tracks just before a train comes into the station.

An extraordinarily true-to-life sequence of events begins to take place as Lucy and Jack become closer and learn more about each other and themselves than one would ever expect from such coincidental, yet believable events.

Sandra Bullock is a working girl who wants to travel.

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