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Yassen is forced to flee his home after an accident at the factory contaminates the whole village with a deadly strain of anthrax, which had been genetically modified to spread much more faster than it would in normal conditions.No one in the village had been aware of the catastrophe, but they could sense that something was amiss.The two had a great bond of friendship between them and they had smoked cigarettes together, despite being 14 at the time.

Yassen convinces them to rob a flat owned by Vladimir Sharkovsky, a wealthy businessman with whom he earlier overheard Dementyev converse with on the phone.

Being the smallest of the gang Yassen is chosen to crawl through a fortochka and let the other members into the house.

He continues on and finds Dementyev in an old college.

Rather than render assistance, Dementyev calls the police, aware that Yassen is a loose end regarding the chemical weapons development.

Yassen, however, was made aware of the situation by his parents, who had immediately broken out of the facility once the accident took place, with the intention of saving Yassen, defying direct orders and protocol in the process.

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(The factory workers had been ordered not to leave the premises, in order to quarantine those who were already contaminated.) It had been a pretty useless precaution for the bacterium had already been released into the atmosphere.

He tricks them into thinking he died of anthrax and escapes onto a train for Moscow.

Yassen makes his way to Moscow and he meets a young man who steals his money he escaped with.

When they spend the night Leo dies of the disease and Yassen continues on alone to the nearest city.

When he arrives there he tries to sneak on a train but is caught by the police.

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