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Romantic dating ideas nyc

Just riding the carousel while looking into each other's eyes will make your hearts flutter.

Image Source: 'If life is a song, love is the music'- nothing can be more befitting for this maxim than a captivating date evening in Scratch DJ Academy.

The place will not only get your creative juices flowing, but let you churn out your own music beats while bonding over a lively song-making tryst.

Believe it or not, this immersive theatre, with its freaky props and eerie surrounding has enough material to bring you two even closer than before.

Hold her closely while you are given a chance here.

Just watching the splendid views of the mountain tops while treading through its trails is enough to kindle the romantic sparks between you.

Address: Lake Clear Town, Adirondacks, New York What else to see and can do: Activities like horse riding, boating and swimming.

Thinking about dates, the first thing that comes to mind is - a nice movie followed by a leisurely dinner in a quaint restaurant.

While this 'Tried and Tested' idea has always been there to help us out, it just doesn't seem to make it to the cut anymore.

The affordability will only add up to your delight.

Address: 20 W 20th St, New York, NYWhat else to see and do: A relaxing moment in den Mayahuel with its numerous cocktails and flavours.

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