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My blackberry is not updating emails

You can now jump past the lengthy Windows Instructions to read what to do next..

Luckily, in terms of retrieving deleted text messages, the i Phone has a very clear advantage.

In fact it has one of the best records for managing to store deleted text messages for as long as possible and still being able to recover them.

] So far the feedback has been extremely positive with around 10 out of 12 people reporting a success.

To make life easy for you I have compiled instructions on how to add 2000 fake contacts to Outlook for the Windows users and Address Book for the Apple users.

Ever since Apple brought out i Phone 2.0 software many of us found that the i Phone contacts that used to appear on the BMW i Drive or BMW radio display suddenly disappeared.

Since i Phone2.0 we all waited patiently for a fix from Apple, 2.01 and 2.02 failed to deliver but hopes were high when reports that 2.1 fixed a similar problem with Chrysler u Connect systems but again no change for BMW drivers.All you need to do now is re-sync your contacts with the i Phone via i Tunes.[Note – if you use Mobile Me to PUSH all your contacts from your computer to Mobile Me and then PUSH them down to your i Phone it will still work just have some patience and check your phone after 10 minutes] If, for neatness, you want to have the 2000 z-contacts in their own folder simply click the plus at the bottom of the group pane: then give the group a name: and now click on the Last Import folder, in the middle Name pane click on the first z0001 and then press Apple A to select all the entries and then drag them onto the new group you just created.– Apple have released i Phone 2.2 software update which appears to fix all known issues with BMW bluetooth and i Phones.If you had no contacts syncing or bluetooth kept dropping the connection every 20 or 30 seconds then update to 2.2 and you should find it’s all fixed.loads of new features are being implemented, be patient as soon you will be able to recieve neat mechanic NOTE – If you find your i Phone contantly connects and drops the connection via bluetooth then you may have another problem for which I don’t have a solution just yet. Your comments are much appreciated on this matter and many others reading this thread may benefit from knowing what combination of i Phone, software version, model, year, etc you have. Keep the i Phone awake – Once you have paired the car will try and connect with the i Phone and sync the contacts, if you go to the communications tab of the i Drive (push and hold up on the i Drive controller for 2 seconds) and try and browse A-Z it will probably say “Please wait” with a little clock. It really couldn’t be simpler for you, simply download the following zip file: DOWNLOAD FOR APPLE USERS – 2000 Fake Contacts for Apple users Open the zip file and you should have a single v Card file, simply double click this v Card file and Address Book should spring into life and ask you if you really want to import 2000 new contacts.Just click add and you’re all done, 2000 contacts z0001 to z2000 should now be in your Address Book.All you need to do now is fire up i Tunes and re-sync them all to your i Phone.[Windows users – notice how much easier this whole process was on an Apple 🙂 perhaps it’s time to switch!

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