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If the machine is not connected to the Internet, it will display “Microsoft Security Essentials wasn’t able to complete the virus and spyware definition updates.

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and try again” error.

I've been only using MSE on my notebook since last June but if the only way to get the darned thing to update automatically is to run a scheduled scan, I may have to go back to AVAST! I'm never on my notebook computer consistantly at the same times so scheduled scans, no matter how short, are worthless. to find out that apparently the only time the thing has been getting updated was just before my weekly scans. may be a little top heavy but, at least, it automatically updated itself several times daily.

If MSE doesn't update itself by tomorrow, it's history.

I have mine configured to run a "Quick Scan" every day around AM and to have checked the box for "Check for the latest virus and spyware definitions before running a scheduled scan" It says "around" AM - and in my experience that can be anywhere from - .

Also, if you have not created a restore point in a few days, MSE will create one before downloading and installing the new definitions files, which will appear as a "Critical Update" - similar to a normal Microsoft update.Like I said, I'm bitterly disappointed (to put it politely) to find out I've been getting updates only when I ran my weekly scans.I still wouldn't know it if it hadn't been for that article over on 7 Forums.Step 4: You will see file extraction dialog box for a while.After the file extraction dialog box closes, open MSE, and click Update to verify that the virus and spyware definitions have been updated. I also run a full scan every few weeks - which obviously takes much more time; however I have made the MSE quick scan part of my daily PC protection scheme.You can also choose other options - such as to run the quick scan weekly or monthly. If you find that it's not for you, you can always change the configurations back to what they are now.I thought the idea behind MSE was one didn't have jump through hoops for it to work.How many normal users know how to set up a scheduled task (I don't) or even know that it needs to be done (I didn't)?If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or click Continue.And if you are on XP, simply, double-click on the file and click OK.

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