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Is nick jonas dating miley cyrus right now

The questions run the gamut from "what does nick jonas eat" ("eggs in the morning, a salad for lunch, maybe an apple as a snack, I'm really into apples right now.Chicken for dinner, or fish, or sometimes red meat.

While being a child star has its perks, the downside is that your younger years are forever in the public record — especially if you're a Disney kid.

Nick Jonas was reminded of that during an appearance on BBC Radio 1's , where he gamely participated in the Heart Rate Monitor game.

He also drives a red 1960 Thunderbird convertible, which he can pick us up in any time.

He told Entertainment Weekly magazine: 'I love [her song] 'Wrecking Ball' so much.

We also learn that Jonas ascribes his fame to "a combination of hard work, dedication, right place and right time, and a lot of luck." He shares that when he was six, his mother was getting her hair done, and someone at the salon heard him singing.

Jonas was put in touch with an agent, and soon began performing on Broadway before starting his eponymous band with his brothers.Both wore Ralph Lauren, with Nick looking handsome in a geometric print suit, and Priyanka stunning the crowd in an amazing trench-gown.Nick posted a picture of the two on his Instagram account.The premise is pretty simple: The host Nick Grimshaw brings up embarrassing moments for the star while he's hooked to a heart rate monitor, which gauges just how nervous the topics make him.The game is made even better by the fact that Grimshaw recruits some of Jonas's friends and even his brother Joe Jonas to make him recall particularly cringe-worthy moments."So I know what you're doing and I would like to remind you of a time where we all went to Central Park together, it was definitely over 10 years ago.I was wondering if that brought up anything for you, I know Central Park was really beautiful, it was actually my first time." As his heart rate spiked, Jonas went on to reveal just what she's talking about.Open wide: Miley Cyrus put her foot in her mouth by telling an interviewer she won't take career advice from an Jewish man; she is pictured at the NY release party for her new album Bangerz on Tuesday Her racy video for We Can't Stop became the hot topic across the nation as it features spankings, twerking, weird images involving hot dogs and french fries and the singer in overtly sexual situations.She said: 'At first, on paper, that video sounded insane.RELATED: Nick Jonas’s Family Had the Cutest Reaction to His Golden Globe Nomination In a pre-recorded video, she makes Jonas recall a long ago date that these two pre-teen lovebirds went on with older brother Joe and then-girlfriend Taylor Swift."Hello Nicholas, it is Selena Gomez," she says in the video.

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