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Greenwald scribbles notes on sheets of stationery—in order to elude possible audio surveillance—and passes them to Snowden. Greenwald conveys this in a combination of broken sentences, jotted phrases, and obscure jargon.Greenwald has news for Snowden: an intelligence source has disclosed detailed information about U. Bonnefoy said, “The problem is, there’s something in the way Glenn explains this—which is, of course, very cryptic—that makes it completely hard to understand.”Poitras explained to Bonnefoy aspects of the program that Greenwald was describing. Bonnefoy wanted more of the dialogue between Snowden and Greenwald to be included.“On timing, regarding meeting up in Hong Kong, the first rendezvous attempt will be at 10 . We will meet in the hallway outside of the restaurant in the Mira Hotel.

“Hearing it alone, it felt bombastic, but, like this, in the context, it’s actually more like he’s in a room, a space.”Afterward, Poitras went home to her apartment, a few blocks away. (She thought it might have something to do with a film about Iraq that she released in 2006.) Prenzlauer Berg, where Poitras has her studio, is Berlin’s Williamsburg; the coffee shops are upscale and have play areas inside.Snowden wrote to Poitras, “You asked why I chose you. You chose yourself.” He was referring to films of hers that were critical of the war on terror—in particular, a short piece on an N. But Poitras, guarding her privacy, has said very little while she has finished work on her film.Anticipation kept building, and it was global news when the Film Society of Lincoln Center announced that it would present the première, on October 10th.They were compressing ten weeks of work into less than a month, in time for the première. Poitras and Bonnefoy spent a few minutes redacting frames while I looked at the wall behind them.Scoggin came to Berlin from New York last year to work with Poitras for a month. “She’s been kind to me, but there’s something deeper in her,” Scoggin said. There were dozens of stills from the film, and white cards on which Bonnefoy had written notes.The group was international, and included an American co-producer, Katy Scoggin; a German producer, Dirk Wilutzky; and his French-American wife, Mathilde Bonnefoy, who served as Poitras’s editor.They worked on computers with high levels of encryption, memorized extremely long passwords that were frequently changed, left their phones outside, and shut the windows in rooms where sensitive conversations took place. What I have the clearance to do is focus on the drone strikes and the watch list.” The watch list is the U. government’s long roster of known terrorists and other people deemed to pose a serious national-security risk.Germans attribute this to the legacy of the Gestapo and the Stasi, to which many of the American expats casually compare the National Security Agency.There’s a shiver of totalitarian ghosts, and totalitarian fantasies, amid the cobblestones and the , devoted its September issue to celebrating the scene. “Whistle-blowers, Cypherpunks and Hackers: The post-Snowden resistance is right on our doorstep. ” The magazine featured an interview with Jacob Appelbaum, a “hacktivist” from Wiki Leaks who is a friend of Poitras’s.She moved to Berlin in the fall of 2012, after years of being repeatedly stopped at airports by U. The neighborhood has become the center of the German capital’s small community of surveillance expats.Berlin is an ideal place for them; it’s hip and relatively cheap, with a respect for privacy that’s enshrined in law and custom.

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