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In fact, the idea that you do not know your kids or otherwise are an inferior parent because they do not hear your voice every single day before they turn 18 is a product of the over-parenting trend that stems from the elevation of mother to saint-like status.It puts too much pressure on parents to be intimately involved in every aspect of their kids’ lives. Which is where a caveat is in order: In instances when one parent lives afar, or is on an extended trip that requires they be apart from the kid for weeks on end, well then of course calls and video chats are wonderful tools for staying connected.3 death of Andrew Coffey, a Florida State University fraternity pledge.

She enjoys the occasional cute pic in return, but sees no point in the dozens of mundane images of her offspring the dad sends every week — especially since there is rarely a time when the kids go more than two or three days without seeing either parent. The kids just want to live their lives, be engaged in the people and activities around them and not be interrupted by forced reportage to the absent parent – especially if they can get that parent up-to-date on their shenanigans within 48 hours.

“It feels intrusive and controlling, but he says he misses them so much — so how can I deny him? I understand that a lot is lost when you do not see your kids every day.

“Zero tolerance is our new normal at FIU,” Rosenberg said.

“The fate of Greek life has been hanging by a thread and this pause gave us the opportunity to recommit to our values and end the age of permissiveness and ambiguity that has hung over our Greek organizations for far too long.” The FIU suspensions followed the Nov.

App Annie only identified two major apps targeting lesbians: Les Park, which is strongest in China, and HER, which has consistently ranked at around the 100th most popular free app in the U. Apple App store since July, on some days topping Grindr's downloads.

Here are the apps gay men are using — in many different languages — to find Mr.In fact, we rely on video chat to stay close some family and friends who live in other parts of the country.The pitfalls of social media apply to divorced families While the amazing technology that allows us connect with the world via stream-of-conscious sharing of tweets and posts, researchers increasingly find that technology that connects us also makes us anxious and depressed.Even a few years ago phone calls were expensive (who remembers a mass of relatives piling on a single phone line to talk over each other to a far-away relative in effort to save on long distant charges? And kids of divorce still bonded with both parents, and divorce wasn’t so bad that it deterred people from divorcing (and divorcing).) and the idea of instant sharing of pictures and video chats was the stuff of fantasy. Not to romanticize divorce of years of yore, but we stand to learn from ways our parents messed that up, but also see what worked.The Miami Herald reports that FIU slapped Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Gamma Delta with two-year suspensions and suspended Pi Kappa Phi pending a hearing.The newspaper reports that university officials connected Tau Kappa Epsilon to a leaked group chat that revealed nude photos of women and offensive statements and jokes.I realized: If frequent calls and check-ins make me miss my kids, it probably makes them miss me and home. As with any relationship, it is healthy that the kids and I get a break from each other and miss one another. If we deny our kids that, we rob them of the ability to learn patience, memory (which studies find is collectively challenged thanks to Google), story telling and the satisfaction of seeing someone after missing them.So if they’re having a great time focused on their environs in Greece, why would I want to refocus them to their mom and New York life — especially if they’re not asking for me? A divorced friend shares 50-50 custody with her ex who expects pictures and updates every few hours when the kids are with her — and nightly Facetime. These parents make it about them, and what they are missing out on.Despite my initial plans to call every few days, we have spoken only twice. But — true parenting confession here — I only really started to miss them when I hung up the phone.On Thursday I had fun telling them that our cat caught a mouse (and laid it at the foot of my chair in the dining room), hearing from Lucas about the airplane ride, and getting silly with Helena, surmising what kind of bathing suit our cat would wear at the beach (Would it be a bikini, or a tankini? Until then — and mostly since — I have been enjoying my kid-free time, meeting up with friends, accomplishing work and household tasks that otherwise went unattended to, and spending time with someone new I’m dating (more on that later this week, ladies). So I told my ex that unless they ask to call, we will keep calls infrequent.

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