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All I can come up with is: Pre 1964 (before factory fire)The best information I have is that these were introduced not in the 60's, but the '50's. I just found a major dent on 3rd valve lead pipe entry port. The plus features are that they 'come to life' in your hands when played, and have a fantastic vibrant tone with a wealth of overtones, and, the trombone style spit valves are really cool and both are readily accessable at the same time with the left hand,if you have hands as large as mine.

Also worth noting is the variance of measurements in the same bore sizes.

The pre-1982 range of Yamaha Trumpets with three digit model numbers appear to have been marketed as such:1xx : Standard / College 2xx : Standard / College 3xx : Standard / College 6xx : Professional 7xx : Professional 9xx : Custom Does anyone have any old brochures or marketing material from this time that they are willing to sent to me or share as a .pdf? ) 6xx : Professional (Flugel range only) 6xxx : Professional 6xxx H : Professional Heavywieght (introduced 1987, replaced by Xeno Range) 6xxx H : Maestro Range (UK Brass Band marketing, now marketed as NEO range except cornets) 6xxx : Professional Signature Series (Bob Shew, etc...) 8xx : Custom (Unique Japan only medium bore range) 8xxx H : Pre-Xeno (Custom?

Post-1982 with the change to the 4 digit model numbers, the marketing material suggests the following. ) (Japan only) 1986-1990 8xxx US : Xeno I (Japan only, 1990-1994) 8xxx USII: Xeno II (Japan only, 1994-2001 8xxx : Xeno (international model, 2001-) 8xxx Z : Custom Z (Bobby Shew) 9xx : Custom (Rotary only) 9xxx : Xeno Artist Series (Chicago, New York etc.

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