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This game lets you upload textures and scripts, made in programs like Photoshop and GIMP so that you can create exactly what you want.

More » Fantage is a virtual world game for kids where they can play, learn, and socialize with extra attention placed on safety.

You're assured that personal information is kept personal and that violence and other negative behaviors are not allowed.

You can also explore locations, customize your avatar, build your own apartment, and more.

Choose an avatar and then enter a few details about it to download the Twinity client to your computer. More » The IMVU virtual world game is advertised as the "#1 avatar-based social experience," and it blows the others out of the water when it comes to 3D animation.

This virtual world game is a sandbox where you can build whatever you want, but lots of places are included for you to explore.

See the Cities & Towns you can jump into, Fun & Games you can play, and even Real World Replicas and Historical sites you can visit.More » In Worldz is the perfect virtual world game to download if you like to truly create and change your world.When compared to the others in this list, the In Worldz virtual world game is the most customizable.Some of these virtual world games are presented as-is while others are fully customizable.Although these roles are incredibly fun to simulate, a monthly subscription is required for some games in order to maintain server costs. You can fully customize your home and appearance, explore fun and new destinations by teleporting there, create content, play games, and make money selling items, land, music, and more.The basic room is free but you can build your own when you have enough credits, as well as shop for new items like outfits, pets, poses, and furniture.There's also a "Get Matched" area of IMVU where you can match up with other users, much like an online dating account.Try to find all of them by exploring the different conversation options! Escape to a new world to mingle, decorate your space, and, in some games, even work at a job.Rick’s Café, Pollen World, Fantasy World, and Castles World are samples of worlds you can be a part of when you join Active Worlds.Making an account at Active Worlds involves creating a "citizenship," which is free. More » Toontown Rewritten is an updated and active version of Disney's Toon Town game where kids can hang out online to create toons and play games with others. Start by making a toon with all the customizations you want it to have, and then follow on-screen instructions to control your toon and interact with the 3D world.

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