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Error updating view attempt to reopen an open container

@Don Martin76 I really don't want to use the "reprovision" solution since i deployed all my clusters just 1 week ago and since i've a full Production and criticals applications running right now ... We clone data disks to a backup resource group first, then clone them back into the new resource group, in short. We don't use mounts of managed disks to Pods, but implement an NFS server which has them mounted to take the state out of the cluster completely (but we reprovision that thing as well). Nodes are still flaky on the current production cluster (the 0.5.0 acs-engine and k8s 1.7.2 one) FWIW, and I have encountered some breaking changes going from 0.5.0 to 0.8.0 (Master nodes are tainted instead of cordoned, breaking our Daemon Sets).Will get back with results as soon as the new cluster with 1.7.7 has taken over and has been running for a while.

error updating view attempt to reopen an open container-80

It's interesting though that the same issue was reported on a non-acs-engine provisioned cluster as well (Core OS with k8s 1.6.4), but also in the North Europe region. Hello @theobolo I currently work on the SR Don Martin76 had opended with us. There was nothing in the logs to indicate what happened, all nodes we're accessible via ssh.

This strongly suggests it was a problem in some underlying Azure infrastructure, but it still is very worrying. Look at the Grafana kubelet metrics : PRODUCTION : STAGING : Should confirms that was an Azure problem ...

I'll take a look at my kube-controller-manager logs to confirm your toughts.

— You are receiving this because you were mentioned.

Reply to this email directly, view it on Git Hub The node was not deleted from our end, the incident was at am and no one was working at that time.

Comments Error updating view attempt to reopen an open container