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Dating 4 disabled com

The site has also incorporated large font options and supporting icon comments to assist the visually challenged.

The members of Dating4Disabled can network internationally in an understanding, safe and non-committal atmosphere.

Whether dating another disabled or special needs person or an able-bodied person, talk to each other and find out what arrangements need to be made.

As long as the same standard dating precautions are followed, cyber-savvy daters can feel truly at ease while getting to know each other.

The potential for net-working, meeting new people and creating relationships is unlimited.

Dating4Disabled provides its members with the opportunity to utilize the World Wide Web for their own unique needs, and to open windows of possibility to the international disabled community.

Dating4Disabled uses advanced screening technology, as well as daily manual filtering in order to avoid "preditors" from entering the site. People living with disabilities tend to worry about saying too much or not saying enough. Discussion about a person's disability typically comes up naturally within conversation.

Discussing your disabilities on a date can be difficult: your new partner is probably curious about the extent of your sexual abilities. For example, a conversation could begin around a modified van, a Seeing Eye dog, the use of sign language or a prosthetic device or mobility aide.

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