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My boyfriend appeared at the right time, and he had the right economic profile," Ji says. But it didn't take long for the marriage to fall apart, and three years later Ji filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, people are getting married later in life.

As a result, more members of China's "post-80 generation," referring to those born in the 1980s, are opting for love and attraction -- rather than practical considerations -- in finding a partner., says Chinese culture emphasizes honor, duty, and responsibility in relationships -- not love.

Thousands of years of culture and tradition have labeled women who are neither a wife nor a mother as social outcasts.

For the post-80 generation -- one that was caught in the transition between traditional and modern China -- the term "leftover women" is especially suitable.

In her weekly workshops that have attracted thousands, Wu lectures about how to negotiate with a partner, how to confront parental demand to get married, and even on subjects like sex and birth control.

Salsa dancing is a big part of the training, Wu says, because dancing loosens up shy individuals and the music puts them in the mood right away."Chinese people don't know how to date.

Ever since, the government has invested a lot of effort in marrying off these women by running large-scale matchmaking events."All media are controlled and censored by the government, so when the government wants to send a very strong propaganda message, that message is extremely effective," Fincher says, "The majority of women are still internalizing this ideology.

They are genuinely very afraid that if they don't marry by the time they turn 30, they won't find a husband."According to Joy Chen, however, Chinese culture has played a role in pressing women into marriage long before the arrival of the Communist Party.

When she was younger, Ji's requirements for a spouse were focused on practical matters, like income, family background, height, and education. "My parents told me to get married first, and that love can be nurtured later," says Ji.

Marriage based on economic status is normal in China.

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