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It ain't much, but it's all that's left for us to do.

In the good old days of cave living and mammoth hunting, guys had essential functions: they protected the homestead and brought home the meat.

Even though modern niceties like police and Whole Foods have largely superseded those functions, men still want to be useful.

There are also NATO code names for Russian aircraft e.g. Aircraft may also be referred to by their enumerated designations: F fighter, B bomber, C Transport etc.

Those of us in queer/trans communities have long faced struggles to explain being of a different sexual orientation than the mainstream, and/or being of a gender other than that assigned to us at birth.

There were a number of codes used within the RAF, not now under the official secrets act, some of which are included. In addition Allied air forces may have their own nicknames for British or British built aircraft, as did the enemy.

It is followed by a list of nicknames of aircraft used by, or familiar to, the RAF. For example, the Luftwaffe called the Sunderland flying boat Der fliegende Stachelschwein ("The Flying Porcupine").

You can take the man out of the cave, but you can't take the cave out of the man.

So we try to open doors for you, even though we know you have pilates-toned biceps to do it yourself.

In addition some terms have come into common parlance such as " I pranged the car last night".

Other slang was used by British and Empire air forces.

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