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I actually wrote this article because of a Facebook friend who is rabidly pro-gun…

Perfumes Pauleen's perfume collection includes Envy Me by Gucci, Jessica Mc Clintock, Acca Kappa, Let's Love by United Colors of Benetton, and Escada.

Around five years ago, I accompanied a group of colleagues from Singapore to a trade show (OTC – The huge oil industry extravaganza) in Houston.

And it belongs to the “princess” of the family, Pauleen.

Mommy Chat let her artista daughter have the master bedroom because Pauleen owns the most stuff in the family.

A few chrome home accents here and there add a modern touch.

Pauleen’s mom, Chat, who is a retired interior designer, chose to have cove lighting and recessed ceiling lights for the living room.Where they stood, fascinated and dumbstruck, looking at the huge array of guns available (I would guess, perhaps 500 models on display). Even though the men in the group had all handled firearms in their lives (as part of Singapore’s National Service), they had never seen so many weapons available for sale, much less being able to even try them out before buying at the indoor range.You see, in Singapore, private gun ownership is illegal, and very strictly enforced. Well, getting caught with a weapon (either handgun or rifle) in your possession will get you a 20-year reservation at Changi Prison.However, the risks are real, and you are playing a dangerous game if you insist on keeping guns here.It is unlikely that the rules will ever be changed to allow foreigners anything even remotely similar to the loose laws in the USA. Garage The Lunas own a white BMW sedan, a white Honda CRV, a black Mitsubishi Pajero, and a black-and-white Mini Cooper. Fashion styling by Telay Robles and Deborah Bernales.Since many in the group had never been to the USA before, and as I was their American host, I showed them around the city, and we ended up in a large outlet mall for some shopping. In this particular mall, there was a Bass Pro Shops outlet, and a very large one, at that (Probably one of the company’s “flagship” stores).The group went inside and immediately went to the guns and shooting department…Pauleen Luna shares her three-storey, four-bedroom Quezon City home with her dad Eugenio, mom Chat, brother Miguel, and two dogs, Simon and Rusty. Black Egg Chair Upon entering the house, you immediately notice the black upholstered egg chair from Metro Source and Concepts Specialist, which follows the form and design of the famous Egg Chair of Danish architect and designer Arne Emil Jacobsen.In this 680sqm modern minimalist property, the 26-year-old Kapuso actress can spend as much time as she wants with her family. Living Room Earth tones and monochromatic hues dominate the living space—from the tiled floor to the off-white walls, from the gray sala set to the black wooden furniture pieces.

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